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KikiTrip 3. Бали 2021.06 🌴☀️🚌

Я провел первую поездку на Бали, это было обалденно. Тут вы можете прочесть про нее и увидеть фотографии.

Трейлер моего первого Кикитрипа, который отлично передает эту великолепную атмосферу!

a Story

В марте 2021 года, Саша Тихомиров пригласил меня в путешествие в Сочи на машине. Именно так, с компанией, я раньше никогда не путешествовал, а всегда делал это один.

Я принял его приглашение и мы отправились на 5 дней в Сочи. Это было супер приключение! Я назнакомился с кучей людей, я встретился там с девушкой из интернета и мы прожили несколько дней вместе с ней, Саше и Тане было классно в моей компании, а мне в ихней. В итоге Саша сделал себе влог из того, что я там наснимал, а через 8 месяцев я решил сделать своё собственное путешествие и собрал короткое видео..

Sashas vlog

Мое видео

Сейчас у меня за плечами 3 такие поездки – в Сочи и на Бали, каждая длилась по 9 дней и это было просто потрясающе! Вы можете подать заявку на следующую поездку! 

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You can also specify any city and date, I will see this place and perhaps in the future I will check out there!

Below, the history of the first trip in test mode. But I advise you to read it later when it will be appointed. Now, I just threw the text on the go. Nevertheless, it is available) if it is interesting, look at it) But later it will be great at all.

KikiTrip 1

2021.10 I decide to go to travel, before that I write that anyone can travel in my company. 8 people respond to the message, 4 of them are ready to go in a week. As soon as the first person transfers the money, I book a hotel and realize – the adventure has begun!

Preface. Why did I start it?

I'll start with the end - with what I got and did you dream about even when it started this trip:

  1. Create a new form of my life - kikitrip.
  2. Take a lot of pictures. 
  3. Mature many interesting people. 
  4. Find a new classroom. 
  5. Money
  6. Sex 
  7. Experience in organizing big events.
  8. Chat experience with people

At the end of this page, I repeat all these items and add a detailed description, quantity and details to each item.

All this topic, like all my victories before, appeared because I ran from something. My pictures appeared, because I was boring to look at ordinary post-showing pictures of models, Kikitalk appeared, because it was difficult for me to walk around the nightclubs with the usual way, Kikiboy appeared, because Kirill Vasilyev did not want to live a familiar life. The cause of kikitrip was the last winter! There were several problems at once. 1. Not very good starting work with Playboy TV Europe. 2. Horrible winter cold weather without the sun 3. Loneliness 4. Problems with an apartment 5. There were not so many girls around 6. It was not interesting, I seemed to start again, it was a simple 7. One unpleasant situation with a girl who self-afforded for The account of the fact that puts guys in unpleasant situations in front of other people. It was a start. 8. I agoned the apartment of my dreams. And on the soil of last winter I had a fear of the future - that the past winter will repeat. I was afraid of the cold and the very condition in which I just lowered my hands and just sailed along the drain pipe down. And now it came October ... Everything said that winter will repeat and I gathered with fear and made a departure!)

1. What was Kikitrip 1?

The first kikitrip was a real adventure as in the movie. I did not understand what would happen next and this fear was added extra interest. 

We lived in different class places, met a bunch of people, where they were not - lived on the sea, in the mountains, in a pair of big numbers, in a big house and dug Frodo, every day got acquainted with new people, most often girls of course. I do it always super harmonious, without a dome and exit from the comfort zone, I think this is something very unique, never seen someone also.

I basically got used to live chaotic and all days were spontaneous. Once I chose and booked the following hotel directly from the car along the way from one city to another.

The guys did a lot of photos, we spoke a lot and argued a lot. Many times gathered together, they gave the light and disassembled photos together, I talked about shortcomings and explained why some pictures are better than the rest.

And these 9 days stretched as if a month.
One of the participants of Anton said his worldview was greatly changed after acquaintance with me. Cool to hear such words.

2. First days

We met with the guys at the airport in Moscow and got on the plane.
Upon arrival, we went to celebrate a meeting on the embankment in a cafe and there was a real tornadow on the horizon. We chatted a lot, got a little bit later, Chris came to me and we began to accelerate gradually. In those days there were many different events and filming. For example, once we met on the street with one girl and she went to our apartment, and then Chris wares, undresses and shows her pussy, and we start shooting it. That girl stands in shock and silently leaves dressed in 30 minutes.

After a couple of days, we decided to move to the Red Polyana, there, I was right along the way, I found in the car and rented an average apartment and invited several girls there. The apartment was good t to had a balcony with a gorgeous view of two mountains and flowing into the distance.

We made tones of photos and a lot of communication. We just moved around the apartment and communicated, making pictures.

At some point, Chris arrived at the door, such a small bald girl entered the door immediately undressed and the hurricane ran into the room and began to rave. I remember that moment when everything, including the models sat and just filmed her running around the apartment. She is super energetic. Its very much, but it does not interfere, but creates the atmosphere. I just do not understand why such people do not have their own blog or canal on YouTube. I want 24 watch version of this person.

After shooting, the guys went to the restaurant to celebrate this day. I drove up to them a little later, I wanted to ride one slightly in the area.

3. Who were these guys?

Mostly adult guys from 25 years are signed on me.
Very fun, adult guys arrived on the trip.
Was for example Anton,
He recently resigned from work and wanted to receive some new experience.

Sasha - works at the construction site, as I understood it leads something.

Ruslan - has a business for flexing the rod metal in different shapes.

Dima works in IT

4. Criss

One of the discoveries of this trip became Chris - a girl from St. Petersburg, with which I met a month before the trip. It was so, my girlfriend Aurora came to me to make a couple of personnel. I went out to the street. To meet her and saw her father, a girl in a huge jacket, Capichon in his depth was a small head.

At first I removed Aurorca, and then I decided to make a couple of frames of this girl Chris. She undressed, undressed and eventually saw her stunning body.

I just did not expect that she would be such an integral member of my trip.

I hope to do in the future with her a joint trip.

5. Last days and thoughts after

In recent days, I rented one big, three-storey house for 14 people with a bath and your courtyard with Mangalom, and after, right next door I saw a house Frodo, I canceled the house on the last days and booked a dugout. Our last evening with the guys took place. We summed up the trip, the guys did a disclaimer, I, and we all together did a slab parsing.

I have shown me that I can organize such joint trips and that it is not difficult for me

I am now in anticipation to try new things.

And I also remember that the feeling when I saw as the guys and guests (I sometimes called guests) do in the living room with some kind of affairs, someone draws, someone communicates, someone pictures or glue to each other and thought - " Wow, did I do it all?! Cool!" I built such a mechanism from living people who works. 

The first trip turned out to be very good and was generally without a single problem.

If someone had conducted such a departure, I would like to get there.

At the very end, I want to tell me that I got from these trips:

1. Created kikitrip direction. I created a new, working structure of life - a journey with subscribers. This is a new way of time and life. It was an adventure as in the movie and I repeated it as much as 2 times!
2. Many material. I brought 800GB of material. There are a lot of cool photos and videos.
3. New friends. Model Chris, Member of Anton, Oleg's guy + Some good comrades with whom we are now in touch.
4. New place for life. Now I can come to Sochi, I know everything there and it turned out to be a really steep place. I did not think that in Russia I will find such a place.
5. Money. 250K Rotovot
6. Sex. 12 girls for that month.
7. Experience. The organization of big events, visited 4 swing parties and joined them to the company. Experience renting expensive homes and large cars. Master Class. Communication immediately with great Majesty of people and finding the focus. Experience to be the main thing.

And most importantly, it got a huge charge to live on and many different branches and development. 

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Ride to any place

You can also specify any city and date, I will see this place and perhaps in the future I will check out there!